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For Sale
as at 18 May 2014

In order to create more space on my shelves, I’ve had to come to the painful decision that some of my retired yet much loved Stampin’ Up! Stamp sets need to find new homes.

Please be sure to check back from time to time as this list will be updated continually in the next month or so.  The latest sets to be uploaded will be at the top of the list.
Once stamps sets have been sold, they will be removed from this page.

Prices below do not include postage.  For further information, please do not hesitate to contact me –
Jack of All Trades
Set of 8, Clear Mount, RRP $33.95, Sale $18.00 
 A Beautiful Thing
Set of 6, Wood, Sale $10.00
Under the Big Top
Set of 6. Clear Mount, RRP  $40.95, Sale $21.00
  Elegant Thank You
Set of 1, Wood, Sale $6.00
 Party Hearty
Set of 9, Wood, RRP $47.95, Sale $23.00 
Set of 11, Wood, RRP $55.95, Sale $26.00
All Scallops
Set of 4, Wood, RRP $55.95, Sale $25.00
 Birthday Whimsy
Set of 5, Wood, Sale $10.00
Tart & Tangy
Set of 4, Wood, RRP $21.95, Sale $9.00
 Lifelong Notes
Set of 6, Wood, Sale $7.00
Set of 8 - Wood - RRP $43.95, Sale - $20.00

Make a Monster
Set of 15, Clear Mount - RRP $33.95, Sale $16.00

To a Classic
Set of 6, Clear Mount, RRP $26.95, Sale $12.00

Say it With Scallops
Set of 4, Wood, RRP $31.95, Sale $14.00

A Happy Heart
Set of 6, Wood, RRP $41.95, Sale $20.00





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